Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

a. enrolment policy

The Teacher to Student ratio is a maximum of 1 : 25 based on Ministry of Social & Family (MSF) requirement.
Junior Seekers reserves the right to accept or reject students in order to meet the minimum or maximum
requirements. All fees must be received in full before students receive a final confirmation of a place.
Students receiving discounts, promotional offers or financial assistance schemes are to attend a minimum
of 3 months upon joining the programme or Junior Seekers has the right to be compensated
for the discounted amounts.

b. education fees

fees payable upon registration :

  • One-time non-refundable registration fee of S$30.00 requirement.

  • One-month refundable deposit or to be used for the last month

  • Monthly course fee, full month or pro-rated

  • Annual Insurance Premium

other additional fees payable :

  • Uniform Fees of S$30.00 per set

  • Material Fees of S$60.00 (With mattress) on one-time payment basis (For Primary 1

    to Primary 3 students)

  • Material Fee of S$30.00 (without mattress) on one-time payment basis (For Primary

    4 and above or students owning similar mattresses)

  • Purchase of Books for Weekly lessons on Hifz (Memorisation Training).

    • Tahmid Activity Book 1, by Darul Andalus Pte Ltd ($5.90)

    • (Optional $35) My First Quran with Pictures, Juz Amma Part 1, Shereen Sharief

adhoc and or term school holidays fees payable :

  • Children who arrive before 12 p.m. and leave the student care centre after 1 p.m. will be considered
    and charged according to full-day. Breakfast, lunch and tea break will be provided for full-day sessions.

  • Full day is charged at $5/day for ad-hoc school holidays or

  • $20/week (For Termly School Holidays; March, June, September, End of Year).

  • Children who have signed for full-day attendance but are absent on the actual day

    are accountable to the full day charges of $20/week unless valid reasons and/or

    supporting documents are produced within 24 hours.

  • Failure to return the reply slip to confirm attendance will not guarantee the child’s

    acceptance for the day/week.

  • Children who have signed up for Learning Journey(s) only but are absent on the

    actual day are accountable to a full day charge of $5 unless valid reasons and/or

    supporting documents are produced within 24 hours.

  • Any changes within 5 working days before the actual full-day session will not be


other matters :

All fees for learning journeys, camps and events are not included in the monthly student care fees.
Parents and guardians will be informed of these fees accordingly when such events are planned for our students.

All fees are payable during school holidays regardless of student’s attendance. Junior Seekers reserves the right to
adjust our education fees according to the awarded contract fees and/or prevailing economic conditions upon
informing the parents/students. Monthly academic payments are to be made by GIRO only and parents are to
ensure respective bank approves the GIRO application within one month of enrolment. GIRO deduction will be
done on every 3rd of the month and parents are to ensure sufficient funds in the bank account.
Parents are highly encouraged to keep the receipt for all the paid fees for the purpose of verification.

c. discounts & privileges

Students will be entitled to the following discounts upon registration:
• 5% discount for siblings enrolling into the same programme
*Not applicable for SCFAapplicants.

d. child pick-up

Parents are to fetch their children latest by 7.00 p.m. The centre will release students to authorized guardians only,
unless prior information is received from parents. A late fee charge of S$10.00 will be imposed for first 10 minutes
and $1.00 subsequently for every 1 minute.

e. late/ outstanding fees

Parents are to make cash payment if GIRO deductions are unsuccessful. All education fees are to be paid by the
23rd of each month. Parents/students are to contact Junior Seekers. If and when unable to pay the fee for the
month on the assigned date. Parents are to make NETS or Cheque payment if GIRO deductions are unsuccessful.
Baby Bonus, CDA and/or bank transfers are not accepted. A surcharge of 0.8% applies for NETS transactions.

All cheques must be crossed and made payable to Junior Seekers. An administrative fee of $5.00 will be charged for
every round of reminder letter sent out. In the event that the amount due is still not paid after the final reminder,
Junior Seekers holds the right to terminate our services and a compound fine of S$50.00 will be imposed.
Parents will also be liable for any legal or court fees that may arise from any legal actions undertaken by
Junior Seekers to recover the outstanding fees.

f. class arrangements & termination

Junior Seekers reserves the right to change or reschedule the Programme Time Table or Teachers without prior notice.

  • Attendance for each class/sessions will be taken. Junior Seekers holds the right to terminate our services if the student’s attendance is unsatisfactory (less than 80% attendance). SCFA students who have less than 50% attendance in any
    particular month will not receive the subsidy and liable to pay the full month fees.

  • Students are required to wear Junior Seekers uniform at all times and bring their own writing materials, textbooks,
    change of clothes, toiletries and towels.

  • Junior Seekers holds the right to terminate our services in the event that the student is disruptive to the class or is
    behaving in a manner that is not acceptable in the centre or is caught committing a criminal act such as theft,
    verbal assault, vandalism and voluntarily causing hurt to anyone including him/herself.

  • Students who have withdrawn for more than 30 days are subjected to the non- refundable administration fee upon
    re-registering. There is NO temporary withdrawal option available.

  • Students are to participate in all programmes and learning trips. In circumstances where the student is not able to
    join, parents are to make other care arrangements.

  • Under MSF regulation, all student care centres are entitled to observe half days on the eve of and 3 public holidays.
    In addition, the centre may close for 6 days per annum at their own discretion excluding the gazette public holidays. Parents/Guardian are to make the necessary care arrangements during these stipulated closing dates.

  • All monthly academic fees are continuously payable regardless of the student’s attendance at any point of time.

  • For withdrawal from the programme, parents/guardian are required to give a one month written notice to
    Junior Seekers by personally filling up and signing the withdrawal form at the centre. Email/Phone/SMS and
    other forms of communication to inform of withdrawal are not accepted. Withdrawal will only take effect on the
    first day of the month. Failure to give the official one-month notice will result in forfeiture of the deposit and
    parents are still liable to pay for the last month of service. Any necessary refund will be issued via cheque to
    parents 1 month after withdrawal.

g. the privacy act

Junior Seekers will be permitted to use a student’s profile and results for the purpose of marketing and information
on the company’s performance.
Personal information on the Enrolment Form and all consultation will be held by Junior Seekers and used for
calculation of fees, monitoring of students’ academic progress; administration of tests and assessments;
maintenance of order and discipline; providing for students support and welfare.