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At Junior Seekers, we provide the highest level of care, grooming leaders with good character as well as instilling the love of knowledge.

Through different enrichment programmes, children will learn new values, enhance their skills and explore their capabilities.

our story

With more dual-income families in Singapore, there is an increasing need for care services for students in primary schools. Junior Seekers positions itself to provide holistic
care for children with the vision of providing education
that nurtures and fosters good character. As an Arabic Student Care Centre, Junior Seekers has curated a
learning and growing environment that promotes
mastery of the Arabic Language and equips the child with skills and capabilities to face challenges of the 21st Century.


To provide the highest level of care through inclusive values.


Love | Care | Trust

our teaching philosophy

At Junior Seekers, our teachers are equipped with the skills to encourage inquiry in children and to facilitate a positive learning environment.
Children learn best when they are nurtured to be thinkers and instilled
with a love for learning.

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad said,
“Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them,
and make them calm (with glad tidings), and do not repulse (them).


Our teaching philosophy also adheres to 5 characteristics to ensure
ease of learning and instilling the love for seeking knowledge.
The 5 characteristics are:

let's get to know each other!

Say hello to our Junior Seekers.

the team @ fajar centre

Our teachers are trained and experienced in caring for our children.
We believe that every child has the distinctive potential that
can be explored with the guidance of our teachers.


Siti Zahirah Binte Mohd Rashid

Teacher Siti is a graduate from Republic Polytechnic and has been in the student care industry for 3 years. She is passionate in working with children and apart from teaching, has a flair and interest in digital design which adds a creative flavour to her classes and activities.

Head Teacher

Mr Yusuf Hawasy Al-Hafiz, has been delivering Islamic and Arabic lessons in Singapore and around the region since graduating from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in 2010, majoring in Quranic studies. He is a Hafiz of the Quran and
is passionate in moulding responsible stewards of the Earth, equipped with the best in moral values. He is an ARS
certified teacher by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

board of advisors

ceo | muslim

youth forum

Ustaz Muhammad Zahid, 35, received his primary education in Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiyah up to pre-university. He furthered his studies at Mujamma’ Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro, Abu Nour, Damascus in Syria in Islamic Studies for five years. Currently, he is the CEO of Muslim Youth Forum, under the Zahid & Shah Group of companies.

public speaker

& motivator

Mdm Shameem Sultanah obtained a Diploma in Islamic and Arabic Studies at Indonesia upon completing her ‘O’ levels from a local secular school. With a degree in Syariah Islamiyyah and a diploma in Counselling Psychology, she now conducts classes at local mosques and institutions, actively giving motivational talks nation wide.

founder/director |

little muslim readers

& brainy bunch

Mdm Murni Abdul Hamid is the Founder of Little Muslim Readers (LMR) and the Country Manager for Brainy Bunch (Singapore). She is also one of the Directors of Nuur Tarbiyah Initiatives. She graduated with a Degree in Islamic Law from the prestigious Al-Azhar University and completed her diploma in Marsah, Johor. With many years of educating young children and nurturing competent teachers, Murni also specializes in developing Arabic Montessori enrichment programmes. A mother of 5, she aspires to raise a generation of religious, morally upright, respectful and merciful children.

founder | being centre

Mr Muhsin Hamzah co-founded Being Life Series and Being Centre. Born and raised in Singapore, he received his early Islamic education from his late grandfather, Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Kassim and other teachers in Singapore. In his youth days, he was active with different learning circles in Singapore. Upon completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies, he attained his masters in Arts and Social Change and Religious Leadership from Starr King School for the Ministry Berkeley California.

ceo | kowabunga! global

Mr Muhammad Taufiq Yahya is the CEO of Kowabunga! Global and the President of Student Care Association Republic of Singapore. He has more than 14 years of management experience in the private education and student care industry, and specializes in sustainability and business management. He is a certified Neurolinguistic Practioner and attained his Corporate Sustainability training from New York University.

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