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Our Teaching Philosophy

The best teacher that has stepped on this earth, without a doubt is the blessed Prophet Muhammad pbuh.
Endowed with the best of character, his every words and actions were closely followed by his companions,
and are filled with wisdom and important lessons that have remained relevant to humanity till today.
More often than ever, the people around him experienced the sense of extreme love and compassion
and will miss his presence dearly when they are apart.

We hope, as teachers, to be able to emulate the teaching philosophy of the Prophet based on the
holy Quran verse 33:45,

O (Esteemed) Prophet! Surely, We have sent you as a Witness (to the truth and the creation),
a Bearer of glad tidings (of the beauty of the Hereafter) and a Warner
(of the torment in the Hereafter).

(The Quran, 33:45)

By being a thorough observer/witness (Shahidan) of every child’s beauty and uniqueness, we will be able
to understand and recognize their individuality. We believe that every child has the ability to learn at their
own pace and should be allowed space to explore their creativity and distinctive potential.

As Mubasheeran, a teacher’s love and compassion exude his/her entire presence. With positive language,
constant acknowledgement and praises, we foster optimistic and confident children with a healthy self-image.
Teachers are to be a source of hope and comfort where the children feel secured to confide in, where wisdom
is shared and where protection is absolute. Almost all surah starts with Basmala, thus we hope to ceaselessly
foster the resolute faith in Allah’s love, compassion and mercy.

Finally, upon truly understanding the individual child and building meaningful rapport, should we  assume to
be Nazeeran, among the more matured children, warning them of the pitfalls and challenges in the horizon.

Abu Burda reported that the Messenger of Allah pbuh, sent Mu’adh Ibn Jabal to be a teacher for the people in
Yemen and left him with the following advice before setting him off ;


Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Give glad tidings and do not repel people.
Cooperate with each other and do not become divided.

At Junior Seekers, our teachers are equipped with the skills to encourage inquiry in children and to
facilitate a positive learning environment. Children learn best when they are nurtured to be
thinkers and instilled with a love for learning.

Our teaching philosophy also adheres to 5 characteristics to ensure ease of learning and instilling the
love for seeking knowledge.

The 5 characteristics are: