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Embark on this journey with us as we discover the beauty of knowledge!

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Dear Layla & Zayn

Parenting is a colourful journey filled with memorable moments. With ‘Dear Layla & Zayn’, we hope to make your parenting journey even more meaningful and purposeful.

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about us

At Junior Seekers, we provide the highest level of care, grooming
leaders with good character as well as instilling the love of knowledge.

Through different enrichment programmes, children will learn
new values, enhance their skills and explore their capabilities.


The Junior Seekers Student Care programme focuses on holistic education for children. Through our programmes, children will discover the beauty of knowledge and be groomed to be responsible stewards of the Earth.

Join our programmes today!


Junior Seekers believes in partnering with community organisations and businesses
in our mission to develop responsible stewards of the Earth.

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