frequently-asked questions

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What is the timetable for Junior Seekers Student Care?

Please tell us more about Junior Seekers Student Care Programme.

Junior Seekers is an after-school programme dedicated to provide quality care for primary school students. We work to bring character development and effective learning to young children and their communities regardless of religion, race, language or culture. Here, we pride ourselves to develop responsible stewards of the Earth who love and care for our environment.


Our programme hinges on universal values and character development. The safety and welfare of our students are our utmost priority. Our teachers are trained and experienced in caring for our students.

The programme aims to develop Well-Mannered, Compassionate, Resilient, Nature-Loving and Empowered children. We ensure that all homework is completed and done at the centre to the best of our ability. During our daily enrichment sessions, students will be given the opportunity to learn through holistic approaches via the different programmes offered.


Note :

Our premises are airconditioned, making our centre very conducive and comfortable for our students.
For lowincome families, we have a subsidy programme under MSF. Junior Seekers’ application as an approved vendor is currently being processed. Once it is approved, you can submit the necessary documents and we will process the applications for you.
We have interesting programmes and activities for our students all year round which makes our student care services different from others.
During school holidays, parents may send your child to the centre early, leaving him here the entire day (7.30 am to 7 pm). There will be an additional charge of $5.00 per day. Please refer to more details below on full day charge

Can a child attend the student care services only on certain days of the month?

Besides the Normal Academic Term care arrangement (1.30 to 7.00pm on weekdays),
Junior Seekers also offers Flexi-Care arrangements for a maximum of 12 days a month.
Flexi-care arrangements needs to be locked in over a minimum of 6 months.


Emergency Care Services is only available at Fajar branch. Students should not be under LOA or SHN status. Registration is on first come first serve basis with a cap of 30 registrations. Service utilization is on a weekly basis. Full day care services are only available with a demand of 8 or more students and charged at additional $5/day. Registration fees of $30 apply. SCFA subsidy and transport services are not applicable.


Please talk to our staff for more details.

This is only applicable at Junior Seekers @ Fajar branch only.

​Who are Junior Seekers’ teachers?

Our teachers are dedicated caregivers and educators. They possess at least a diploma (or equivalent work experience) and have the necessary educational /work experience to guide your child through the programme.


When is the period of registration for Junior Seekers?

Registration is now OPEN. We will accept enrolment till the centre reaches its maximum capacity. You may reach us at or via mobile at 9833 8617. 


The online registration form can be accessed through this link :

Is the space for Junior Seekers limited?

Yes, our premises are limited. Hence, registration will close once the maximum number of students is met. We will have a wait list for parents who are still keen to register their child once there is a vacancy.

arrival and dismissal

Are there any SCC bus services to fetch and send the children home?

Junior Seekers does not provide transport services. Parents will need to make own transport arrangements with the school’s transport vendors to send the child to the centres.

What time can I send/fetch my child?

The centre’s operating hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
During full day operations, we will be open from 7.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Children may report to the centre immediately after dismissal from school.

Parents are able to fetch their child anytime before 7.00 p.m. However, in order for the child to enjoy the full benefits of the programme, it is best that parents fetch their child from 6.00 p.m. after our enrichment sessions have ended.

facilities and centre matters

Are there any shower facilities at the centre?

Yes, there are no shower facilities in the centre.

Is it compulsory to shower at the centre?

Showering is not compulsory. Parents can decide if the child needs to shower after arriving at the centre.

​Will the SCC be fully air conditioned?

Yes. The SCC will be fully air conditioned.

​Can parents view the centre before registering?

Yes. We welcome parents to view the centre. Please call in to make a viewing appointment with our staff.
Parents can only view the premise with an appointment set with our staff.

meals at the centre

​Will meals be provided at the centre?

Yes. For all students of Junior Seekers, we will be serving lunch and tea break. All lunch meals served will be catered from a licensed vendor. Our meals are halal and nutritiously prepared to ensure that students receive a balanced diet.
A monthly menu will be released to parents for each term.


Please do inform us if your child has any food allergies.

junior seekers programme fees

What are the fees for the Junior Seekers Student care programme?

Do refer to the respective centres programme fees :

(Link to JS @ Fajar leaflet)

(Link to JS @ Woodlands leaflet)

(Link to JS @ Tampines leaflet)

Why is there a $5 full day fees imposed during school holidays?

During school holidays, school closures or at any time a child reports earlier than the designated reporting time of 1pm, there will be an additional $5 charge per day.
This is to cover the additional care hours provided, breakfast and materials for the programme.

When will this full day fees be collected by the centre?

The full day fees will be included in the following month’s fees after attendance has been verified by staff of the centre.

Do parents need to inform the centre if the child will be attending full day student care service?​

Yes. Before every school holiday / closure, a memo will be released to parents to indicate child’s attendance for the week or month. This is to ensure that the centre is well prepared to cater to the number of students attending the programme.

Are there any subsidies for the student care fees?

MSF subsidy is available at Junior Seekers @ Fajar.

Our application for the Student Care Financial Assistance Scheme (SCFA) for Junior Seekers @ Woodlands and Junior Seekers @ Tampines centre is currently being processed by MSF.

learning journeys

​Are learning journeys compulsory for students?

No. Learning journeys are not compulsory for students.
However, we do encourage students to attend every learning journey planned by the centre as each of them are specially organized to bring an enjoyable learning experience for our students.

​If my child is not attending the learning journey, can she/ he still attend student care services?

Unfortunately, as all staff will be activated to accompany students during the learning journey, the centre will be closed during those hours. Hence, parents will need to make alternative care arrangements.

​Are payments for the learning journeys included in the monthly fees?

No, they are not and parents will be advised accordingly on the fees payable for each learning journey.


​Is uniform compulsory to be worn at the centre?

Yes. All students will be required to report in Junior Seekers’ uniform or change into the uniform upon arrival.
It is compulsory for students to wear the uniform at the centre.

​Why is there a need to wear Junior Seekers’ uniform?

Wearing a uniform creates an identity for the students and is an important part of safety and uniformity amongst students.