The Junior Seekers Student Care programme focuses on holistic education for children. Through our programmes, children will discover the beauty of knowledge and be
groomed to be responsible stewards of the Earth.
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At Junior Seekers, children are developed beyond their academics. Each day, the children will be
engaged in quality lessons conducted by our qualified teachers. A typical day begins with rest
and wash-up from school. Children will be provided with nutritious meals to restore their energy
and get ready for a day of learning.

In Study Booster, children will be supervised to complete their homework and revision for the day.

The enrichment programme for each day will be conducted by our Junior Seekers teachers through a robust curriculum and quality lesson plans. The enrichment programme stems from the five key learning domains: Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Arabic Mastery, Nature Discovery and Character Development Tarbiyah.

value-based monthly themes

november :


In the month of Respect, children will learn the importance of giving respect to oneself and others.
Children will explore themes related to respect and understand that giving respect is a way of showing care, concern and consideration for people and our surroundings.

attributes of a junior seeker

Junior Seekers places large emphasis on character development, and through our holistic programme,
we aspire to develop children who are :






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frequently-asked questions

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Together, we can develop responsible stewards of the Earth.
Junior Seekers is committed to enhance children’s learning and development
along with the support from the teachers, parents and staff.
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