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Thank you for your interest in Junior Seekers Student Care Programme. Please be informed that this form will take approximately 20 minutes to fill in with the required documents prepared at hand.

Before proceeding, please prepare the following required documents:

    1. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
    2. Copies of Child’s Immunisation Record
    3. Passport-sized Photograph of Child
    4. Passport-sized Photograph of Authorised Guardian to fetch Child from the Centre (if any)
    5. Copy of Death/ Divorce Certificate (if any)
    6. Custody/ Legal Guardianship Certificate (if any)
    7. Care and Control Custody Paper (if any)

If you will be applying for the Student Care Financial Assistance Scheme, please prepare the following additional documents:

    1. Copy of the MSF SCFA Application Form. For a copy of the application form, please download the form from the link below
    2. Copy of Birth Certificates or Passports of all siblings of the child
    3. Copy of Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) Pay Slip OR CPF Statement (3-month Contribution History) OR Employment Letter

If you have prepared the following documents for upload, please proceed to register.

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